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The Fireboss shall visit and carefully examine each area of the mine in which miners will be working or traveling.  He/She shall inspect each area to assure that these areas are made safe and that all State and Federal laws are being observed before the miners begin work.  If a hazardous condition, violation, or potential violation is observed then the Fireboss shall make arrangements for prompt correction of the condition.


  • To make certain that Federal, State, and Company regulations are being observed
  • Examine areas of the mine before each shift; airways, intakes, returns, belt haulage, track, and all other places where miners are required to work or travel.
  • Maintain records of his/her examinations.
  • Report any hazardous conditions, violations, potential violations, or unsafe situations to mine management so proper corrective action can be arranged.
  • Actively support and promote the Behavior Based Safety program WOLVES.
  • While examining all working places and areas assigned to him/her shall make tests with an approved device for accumulations of methane and oxygen deficiency.
  • While examining a working area shall inspect seals; doors; examine and test the roof, face and ribs on active roadways and travel ways. He/She shall place his/her initials, time and date at or near each place he/she examines.
  • Must be able to fill in as needed in other foreman positions.
  • Must be a team player who can interact with various mine departments.



  • High School Diploma or GED
  • Minimum Five years of mining experience
  • West Virginia Mine Foreman Certification
  • Thorough knowledge of State and Federal Mining Laws
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills (verbal and written)

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